Unlike Other Business Coaching Services, Kingdom Built is a Step-By-Step ‘Done Together’ High-Touch Coaching Experience That Helps You Create A Sustainable Online Business That Pulls In Consistent Revenue, Produces Greater Client Results And Runs Smoother Through Better Instructional Design

"If you take part in this program you will end up leaving with so much value that you will end up feeling like you should've paid more. It's a million and one consultants out here... I'm one of them. At times it's hard and scary to trust someone with your time and money. This program will give you a return on your investment almost immediately." - Bridgette Edmondson

How To Ethically Build A "Purpose-Led" Thriving Online Business Once And For All

Even if you've tried in the past and gotten less than stellar results

Or if you're a budding entrepreneur and just starting out!

Well, another month has gone by and you still haven't hit your business goals. 🙄

And, it’s crazy because you KNOW you have a great service that people need, but right about now your results are not reflecting your determination.

Meanwhile, another 7-figure social media superstar just popped up in your newsfeed sitting on the beach sipping Mai Tais out of a pineapple and while you’re happy for her, you can’t help but wonder why it’s not happening for you.

After all, you’ve followed all of the “guru advice”: 🙄

Posted countless blogs and videos to prove you’re expert enough.

Created tons of freebies to “add value” and funnel people onto your email.

You invested $5,000 in a master course on how to build a 6-figure business. But despite doing all the work, showing up to the weekly group coaching calls and implementing their framework step by step; your business (and bank account) just doesn’t match your efforts.

No matter how hard you’ve tried to duplicate their success, you don’t have any 6-figure deposits to screenshot and high five about … so, seriously what gives? 🙄

Because you’re determined to make your dream business a reality, you reach out to your coach for additional support explaining you tried everything you were instructed to do, but still no results. And that guru’s only response implies that if you didn’t get results, it’s because:

YOU didn’t try hard enough.

Or you must have some type of limiting belief or money mindset issue blocking your success.

Or even worse … you get ghosted and don’t get a response at all.

Whew chile … It's the gaslighting for me.

Here’s what I want you to know:

It’s not you ... it’s their program.

So let's address the elephant in the room...


    • Dump a bunch of random information on you that lack clear instructional design and structure.
    • Are led by unqualified coaches who lack demonstrated results. Or maybe they’ve achieved results for themselves but fail to produce results for others.
    • Lack professionalism and customer support and avoid interacting with you to give you the personalized guidance you need.
    • Aren’t results-driven and put making money above client success or retention.
    • Don’t focus on long-term lasting business results.
    • Are marketed based on manufactured hype and endorsements by their friends and professional network and not REAL client testimonials.

The truth is underneath all the gaslighting and student blaming, most online business programs lack sophisticated instructional design and sufficient business guidance to produce real results.

I’ve been exactly where you are. In fact, that was me a few years ago.

I would come across Facebook ads, Instagram lives and fancy webinars by all these gurus who seemingly had the right solution to turning my business into a reality.

After being manipulated by sleazy marketing tactics, I’d quickly invest in their programs, consume all the content, feverishly take notes and implement what I learned along the way only to yield subpar results … if any at all.

When one course or program didn’t work with my hopes still high I would seek out another “guru” who I thought had the golden ticket to my success.

Several programs and $30,000 later I’d still not been able to get the results I was promised or so eagerly hoped for.

No shade but most of these conferences, courses, and coaching programs were filled with fluff and the same basic regurgitated basic business information you can find in a blog post.

I realized the lifestyle of the gurus I’d invested in was becoming more and more luxurious while my life hadn’t changed much at all. Maybe you feel the same way?

Maybe you’ve invested in a program or two to grow your business and feel like giving up because you have produced the results you believe are possible.

Maybe you’ve been looking for real strategic business guidance to start your online business but have been turned off by coaches who focus on how much money they’ve made instead of how they can help you or serve others.

Maybe you’ve joined other memberships and clubs in the past where there was no support or personalized guidance.

I get it. I was just like you. I made several huge investments into programs that didn’t produce results.

After trying so many “solutions” I almost gave up on growing my business.

Until one day, I was watching a YouTube video about how online coaching was problematic. This video highlighted many of the problems that exist in the coaching space:

    • Manipulative or shady marketing and sales tactics
    • Putting money and personal gains above ethics and client results
    • Misleading or vague sales pages that over promise and under deliver

And that’s when it hit me. Instead of participating in these sleazy marketing and business practices that left me feeling like a slimy used car salesman, I wanted to operate my business from a place of integrity and self-honoring marketing strategies that I felt good about.

Here’s the truth:

In order to build a profit-boosting business I loved. I needed to do it on my own terms with self-honoring strategies that aligned with my core values and beliefs that allowed me to show up for clients while being true to myself.

I leveraged my unique skills, business management and MBA education, and HR experience developing employee development workshops to strategically design my student curriculum and business workflow.

And that’s when everything changed for me.

That year instead of scouring Facebook groups for leads, the right Kingdom customers started finding me.

Soul-aligned clients started booking sessions with me telling me how much they resonated with my energy and liked my coaching style.

I even landed a few speaking opportunities!

At first I thought it was luck.

But then I started teaching my clients how to create their own unique marketing strategies and sales systems based on their strengths, values and beliefs; now their producing the same results year after year.

Imagine if you could finally do the same?

That’s why the Kingdom Built Business Incubator was born.

And when you join me inside, you’ll finally get the business support you need to:

Attract prospective clients on repeat without you having to do it for the Gram, blog until your fingers curl, or sacrifice valuable time with your family.

Systemize your program sales system and delivery process so you can finally hop off the hamster wheel and generate the kind of results you've been dreaming about.

Confidently promote your services to the right audience that is eager to buy from you.

Introducing ...

Kingdom Built is a step-by-step ‘done together’ 12-month high-touch coaching experience that helps you build a purpose-led, impact-driven, sustainable online business with greater client results.
Perfect for faith-walking millennial women who want to maximize their profits, business impact AND client results, without sleazy marketing tactics or hustling and grinding 24/7.

Kingdom Built is a strategically curated high-touch business incubator for faith-based, millennial online coaches and course creators who want to build a sustainable online business that pulls in consistent revenue, produces greater client results and runs smoother through better instructional design and coaching practices.

Inside Kingdom Built you will get access to my exclusive Purpose 2 Profits Blueprint as an easy-to-follow roadmap to eliminate the seven mistakes that cause many entrepreneurs to waste time and money trying to build their online course or coaching program.

You bring the skills, I'll bring the strategy.

When you join Kingdom Built, you learn will how to:

    • Build a purpose-led, impact-driven online business that pulls in consistent revenue while producing superior client results.
    • Gain the skills and confidence you need to successfully design engaging course and coaching curriculum so you can ensure your clients get to their desired results.
    • Confidently sell your course or coaching program with ease and authenticity.
    • Determine the best timing parameters, teaching methods, tools and materials to maximize your program performance and revenue.
    • Guarantee your clients’ success so you can build customer loyalty and long-term client relationships.
    • Simplify your marketing to maximize your impact without feeling overwhelmed or burned out.
    • Take your program to the next level by leveraging the right tools and techniques to create powerful, interactive, and engaging client experiences.
    • Develop and deliver instructional digital products and coaching experiences in a consistent and reliable fashion so you can produce consistent client results over and over again.
    • Deliver amazing client results that lead to raving fans and more client referrals.
    • Avoid common business mistakes that cost you time and money with my step-by-step profit-boosting launch system to attract clients consistently on repeat
    • Develop a unique marketing proposition that helps you stand out from your competitors
    • Exponentially boost your earning potential by turning your purpose and expertise into a sustainable business
    • Develop a custom product lining system so you can create multiple streams of income.
    • Understand exactly how to pinpoint and solve weaknesses in your business.
    • Create marketing channels & sales systems that will you scale your business

Take a Peek Inside Kingdom Built

Kingdom Built OnDemand Course

Kingdom Built OnDemand breaks down the P2P blueprint into 8 easily digestible modules of step-by-step A-Z guidance so you can build your program with confidence, clarity, and ease.

12-Month Access to High-Quality Curriculum that consists of:

  • 30+ HD videos lessons
  • Step-by-step guided workbook
  • Comprehensive worksheets,
  • Swipe files
  • And so much more

Giving you all the tools, guidance, and resources you need at every phase of your launch, with core teachings of brand authority, building brand awareness, validating your offer, marketing your business, and getting sales.

Kingdom Built Cheatsheets

I'm adding in a Kingdom Built Guided Playbook that ensures you can plow through KIngdom Built with ease.

  • Launch Map - Get a breakdown of all the elements you'll need to launch your offer, track your leads and sales
  • Sales Page Template - Get the skinny on how to create sales pages that increase conversions and entice buyers. Plus sample sales pages you can use to tweak-copy-launch to promote your offers
  • Launch Emails - Get fill-in-the-blank email templates for every phase of your launch
  • Launch SM Posts - Get fill-in-the-blank social media post templates proven to transform followers into buyers
  • Plus, a BONUS training on how to create head-turning lead magnets and drive traffic to your lead magnet and offers.

Kingdom Built Personalized Coaching

Kingdom Built Launch Accelerator is the ONLY online program that offers 360° individualized feedback throughout the accelerator. When you join Kingdom Built, you'll get direct access to Ebony personalized offer reviews, content critiques and program audits so make sure you are on track as you progress through the launch accelerator.

Are you ready to build your online coaching or consulting business... without sacrificing your family, health or sanity?

Get started now!